My diet

diet1There are so many diets shared on the Internet that is easy to get lost and just give up on them. I, too, needed a couple of decades, until I found out what really works for me. Because  – unfortunately – the “prepackaged”, ready to use diets never did, tough I did everything exactly as written and tried all the magical advice. I bought exotic ingredients, drank shakes from breakfast till supper or counted calories and carbohydrates logging my daily intake religiously. But. They were either too plain, too long or just too boring after a while and it happened several times, that even if I forced myself to finish a diet, all the lost kilos (or even more) came back immediately. Everybody knows that frustrating feeling.

But it wasn’t in vain because trying all this really did help me. I learned what was useful for me, what I liked and what should I better avoid. E.g. in my twenties if I had a very -very important date I just didn’t eat for a while. Was is healthy ? – nope. Tried it recently? – oh, yes. Did it work? – no, I had such a headache, I became unbearable. (And I’m not too nice anyway…)

So what I have found out? Unfortunately, I didn’t invented the hot water, but I feel better, more energetic and lose weight:

  1. If I don’t eat sugar, bread and pasta, potato and co. (obvious part)
  2. If I also avoid milk and minimize dairy products consumption (difficult part: love milk and everything made from it)
  3. If I eat protein (aka meat or egg) for dinner I can resist the calling of the fridge later, during the evening
  4. I need regularity. I’m not the “5-small-meal-per-day” type, have my breakfast at 8am, lunch at 2pm and dinner at 7pm, and no snacking
  5. I like to start my day with a glass of lemonade instead of coffee and have my portion of caffeine later, between 8 or 10am or don’t drink it at all. In the morning I don’t need any solid food, I’m OK with my smoothie or coffee with nut milk
  6. No fruit after noon and if rice, than only for lunch.

It is already might seem difficult but there are some more requirements, the food has to be:

  1. seasonal and local (that makes it fresh, cheaper and hopefully more ethical)
  2. simple (5 ingredients are usually enough to put a nice dinner on the table, and below the term ingredients I mean the real, basic ones, no prepared food comes to our house. Or very rarely and I can explain…)
  3. quick (I have no more than 20-30 active minutes in the kitchen)
  4. varied (because of the family, but usually the leftovers from the previous dinner serve as a lunch for me or got transformed into something the other day)
  5. tasty (with a teenager’s mouth, too)

That’s it but again, that is only me. My sister for example gets sick of lemonade in the morning but she can drink smoothies for days without eating anything else. I’m older, can’t torture myself anymore.

Hopefully this time I’ll be able to document my 100 days and show that it isn’t hard at all, but quite effective and enjoyable. OK, family has arrived, let’s cook.


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