Why? Because I’ll be 45 soon and although I am convinced that 40 is the 30, at the same time I am pretty sure it won’t happen without me. I realized that for years I was sitting in the middle of my nice puddle and all I gathered were kilograms and excuses and of course, the frustration of not being comfortable in my life. Instead of real actions I started newer and newer university studies and courses (OK, I finished them all), but then just put the new paper into the drawer and kept complaining.

But then we moved, I found a great job (where I volunteered first for almost a year), realized how lucky I am in many areas of my life and set up a plan to change the other things for the better as well. There is an obvious pattern how my goals have changed over the years. First I only wanted less waste, than less stuff in general and now my goal became simple: I WANT TO BE PART OF MY LIFE. Where enough is enough and I enjoy what I have. I want to work, and relax. Be with my family/friends and reading alone. Want to cook and clean (I mean it, being in my life means to me that I care of what I have myself) but also be able to sit down and let others do things for me. I want my kids to be free, happy but responsible.

I opened several blog during all those years, the first one more than 10 years ago. Here I gather them all and slowly sieve them to see what to keep.

I have my hard times. But getting there.


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